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Standing seam metal roofing is the most versatile roofing in the world and with over 35 color selections it can also be the most challenging to select your favorite! At Global Home Improvement we think all metal roofing colors look great, but here is a simple guide to choosing the color that best fits your home and style.

Check out Our Metal Roof Color Chart for All 35 Color Choices.

House Style – Country Farm House
Recommended Color – Colonial Red


This color evokes the warm feeling and rich color of bricks used in colonial times. Colonial red is often chosen as an alternative to brilliance red or “screaming” red as some of our customers call it because of its subtle yet statement making hue.

House Style – Historic or Provincial
Recommended Color – Charcoal Gray


Charcoal gray is widely popular because of its neutral color. Additionally, when installed on historic or provincial homes it can replicate the color pattern of natural slate at a fraction of the cost. Charcoal gray is a color that looks good on a variety of homes because it is dark and dramatic but when the light reflects off of it, it shows great dimension, contrast and contour.

House Style – Contemporary
Recommended Color – Mansard Brown


I know what you’re thinking, mansard brown on a contemporary home when you have all these other choices. And the answer is yes! Many contemporary homes in the area were built in the 1970’s with a T-111 wood panel siding and the mansard brown is the perfect color to go with that type of siding. It is dark, rich and goes well in wooded areas with homes that are set back from the street. Other popular contemporary choices are medium bronze and dark bronze.

House Style – Federal or Prairie Style
Recommended Color – Patina Green


If your home is grandeur in size and stature then consider going with a patina green color that replicates the look of aged copper. Patina green may seem dramatic to some but look around and you will realize how often this color comes into play and blends in with a city or towns architecture. All major cities have this color because it’s what copper looks like after 100+ years with the best known example, the Statue of Liberty!

House Style – Accents for Any Home
Recommended Color – Metallic Copper


All homeowners love copper but many of them want the shiny metallic look of copper that only lasts 1-2 years before it starts to oxidize! That is where metallic copper painted standing seam comes into play. This metallic copper will not rust, rot or fade for over 35 years and costs a fraction of what real copper does. Consider a metallic copper bay window, front porch or back portico for your metal roofing project.

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