By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You may remember reading about Dr. James Watson. He is one of the scientists behind the Watson and Crick work that gave us a detailed look at DNA and its double-stranded helix – clearly a major scientific breakthrough in the 20th century. Well, he just wrote a paper which he thinks is equally, if not more important, and you have to listen to James Watson. He takes a look at curing late stage cancers.

Watson argues that the overproduction of antioxidants may be the reason why certain advanced cancers have been hard to treat.
What he says is counter to what has been touted in the past, antioxidant consumption may not lead to less cancer and may actually promote cancer progression in late stage cancers. Watson argues that finding ways to reduce antioxidant levels may help treat or even cure late-stage cancers.

Of course he needs to back this up with scientific evidence.