By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Humans make resolutions to lose weight but how about making one for your pet? Recent studies have found more than 50 percent of pets in America are overweight.

Pet obesity is a serious problem. Veterinarians say it could cause unnecessary suffering and decrease an animal’s life span.

“Cats especially are extremely prone to diabetes and diet and weight are associated with that just like with people and that is a difficult expensive and life threatening condition. And for larger breed dogs, joint problems that prevent them from being able to get up and move up and down stairs can be a cause why animals are brought to their veterinarians for euthanasia,” says Dr. Adam Corbett is with the PSPCA.

Just like in humans, exercise and a good diet is important.

“Cooked vegetables are often a great low calorie treat in general the best plan when starting a diet is to talk with your veterinarian and they will help you put something together,” says Dr. Corbett.