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By Stephanie Stahl

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Workout gone wild. A new fitness routine that’s helping people shed pounds, build muscle, and unleash their inner animals. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl shows you how.

It’s a workout gone wild. It’s the latest exercise trend called “Animal Flow.”

“We incorporate all kinds of animal influences, beast crawls, crab walks, baboons, crocodile rolls,” said Lisa Wheeler, a trainer.

The point is to get a better workout by transporting you back to your primal roots.

“We’re bringing back those natural movements that the body wants to do rather than sitting on a machine and pushing metal around,” said Wheeler.

“It’s actually very challenging to do, said Perry Nickelston, a Chiropractor. He says working out like an animal has gotten him more lean and fit than any other exercise routine.

“I’m always in a continual search to show people how to move better,” said Nickelston. He says it’s challenging because walking like a crab or an ape forces you to use every muscle in your body, especially the core muscles.

Animal flow classes are sweeping into gyms across the country.

“It’s a way of thinking of your body covered. It’s not a machine it is an animal,” said Wheeler.

Orthopedic Specialist Jeffery Rosen says he likes animal flow exercises because they can be a lot less stressful on the body.

“Whether it’s a bear crawl or orangutan trot, crab walk, it tends to use your whole body as a unit. It’s much more natural,” said Dr. Rosen.

The animal flow workout can increase strength, aerobic endurance, stability and flexibility. In addition to classes, you can get a DVD to do the workout at home.

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