By Mike DeNardo

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The ongoing construction at Dilworth Plaza will cause a weekend’s worth of inconvenience for Center City SEPTA riders.

SEPTA plans to run shuttle buses on the Market-Frankford El between 11th and 30th Streets all day Saturday and Sunday.

“The 15th Street station will be completely closed,” spokesman Andrew Busch says. “So there won’t be any access there. So you would need to – if you’re getting onto the Broad Street Line – you would need to go through the 13th Street station.”

Busch says the transit agency has to shut down third-rail power at 15th Street for the Dilworth Plaza reconstruction.

“It’s work on the existing subway roof. They’re replacing it as part of the improvement projects that they’re doing to the entire plaza there.”

Regular trolley service will run as usual. The shuttle buses between 11th and 30th Streets will impact 16,000 riders who normally use 15th Street station on Saturdays, and 11,000 on Sundays.