By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some evergreen shrubs can get burned by winter winds or suffer sun or frost damage. One way to help them through the winter is by spraying the leaves with an anti-desiccant so they don’t dry out.

You’ll find different brands of wilt preventers as they’re called, for sale, with names like Wilt-stop, Wilt-Pruf, and so on. You want to use these sprays on warmer winter day when the temperature is well above freezing, a day in the 50’s is great. Spray your plant in mid-to-late morning so you have several hours of daylight for the spray to dry before nightfall.

Large conifers aren’t really candidates for a spray like this because of their size and the fact that some varieties, such as blue spruces, can change color from the sprays. But coating the leaves of smaller evergreen shrubs like hollies, azaleas, boxwoods and rhododendrons, with a wilt preventer can help protect them from the worst of winter weather damage yet to come.