PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Actor Mark Wahlberg joined Angelo Cataldi and the WIP Morning Wednesday and revealed some news about one of the 2012’s funniest movies.

Q: We are nuts about Ted, we thought it was the movie of the year. What was the reaction like for you?

A:Crazy. I mean, we thought that it could be something special, but we never thought it would end up being the biggest R-rated original comedy of all-time.

Q: Do you now get a lot more opportunities for comedy?

A: Yeah, we’ve got a couple of comedy things that we’re working on right now that are very close to starting actually, and then were doing ‘Ted 2’. And the great thing about it is, it definitely is going to be better than the first one because Seth MacFarlane, he comes from television, so he’s got ideas that are just crazy.

Q: You have done five films that were based in Philadelphia, did you do more movies based in Philadelphia than you have in New York or Boston? Where do we rank?

A: I have. Philly is number one as far as the most films I have made. I think Boston, I have done three. I did The Perfect Storm, The Fighter, and The Departed. New York, I’ve done three or four and now New Orleans I’ve done four.

Q: Are they bitter up in Boston that you like us more?

A: No, not at all. They know that I am a proud honorary Philadelphian.

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