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By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If your TV is getting past its prime, you might find your next set in Las Vegas. That’s the site of the Consumer Electronics Show, where technology companies this week are showing off what’s new for 2013.

So-called smart TVs can make you feel quite the opposite through no fault of your own. Samsung has been a culprit with confusing menus; now, it wants to change that.

“A TV that understands what you like, suggests relevant new content, and gives you the power to manage your entire entertainment world.”

Samsung’s Tim Baxter calls their S-Recommendation feature almost human: it understands natural language to find your favorite shows.  And you can move from cable, to photos, music, social networks, and apps by gesture.

“As easy and familiar as moving through the pages of your tablet.”

CNET’s Molly Wood says the jury’s still out on the quad-core brain within. “Frankly, when I turn on the TV, I kind of want to turn on the TV.  And a lot of times, it’s because I just remembered that some show I want to watch is on. And I don’t want a minute and a half of time between me and the show.”

Samsung’s LED F8000 comes in sizes up to 75″, though we have yet to learn how much it costs and when it’s out.

A lot of other new products being revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show are likely to be on a lot of wanted lists this year.

Slip the TrakDot in your suitcase. If your luggage doesn’t show up with you when you fly back to Philly, “You get an alert on your phone to let you know, ‘hey — it’s in Chicago.'”

CNET’s Bridget Carey says the GPS tracker from GlobaTrac runs for about a month on a couple AA batteries. The $50 device also has Bluetooth to tell you when your suitcase that looks like all the others is getting close on the carousel.

What’s Lexus been working on? “The elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries, which is the ultimate goal of a society that values mobility.”

Mark Templin says, while showing off a Lexus LS hooked up with radar, HD cameras, “360-degree laser tracking, gyroscope, accelerometer…”

It doesn’t look aerodynamic — this gear is attached to the roof and grille, but one day it could lead to if not a ‘driverless’ car, at least one that you could put on autopilot.

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