By Beasley Reece

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It didn’t take long for Andy Reid to find a team to coach. He will soon be introduced as the new Chief in Kansas City.

The area is better known for its barbequed pork than any semblance of success with the Pig Skin used to make a football. Still, its NFL old money and Lamar Hunt’s son, Clark, finally has a man to get his franchise back to the glory days of Hank Stram.

I was convinced Andy would land in San Diego. After all, he is a LA kid with a home not far from Chargers land. I believe the coach wants a small town environment to help heal his fractured family. It’s a small media market and I’m sure Big Red will enjoy its smaller version of freedom of the press.

I called dozens of games in Kansas City for the networks. They do have awesome barbeque and that’s coming from a man from Texas. They also have a river walk that I used to run. The canal/river is totally captured and landscaped into a parkland oasis. Their sports complex is mini version of ours. The Royals and Chiefs share a massive parking lot.

It’s a great spot for Reid to land. As expected he was the most coveted coach on the market and for good reason. The man can really coach. He didn’t win the big one but he certainly gave us all he had. It just wasn’t good enough given the other problems in his life.

Eagles fans showed their true class when they cheered and applauded Andy on the way out. Kansas City made the right move. Now let us hope the Eagles do the same.

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