By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With wind gusts expected to go up to forty miles an hour today, shoppers are facing an unexpected obstacle.

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Ian and Nelson had just exited the Macy’s department store and were heading east on Market. How was the wind effecting their travel?

“We’re walking away from the wind right now so we’re trying not to go that way, because that’s where it’s blowing. As long as you don’t have too many bags, if you have too many bags, it’s going to hold you back.”

Montrelle was hawking rides on the Big Bus at the corner of 5th and Market Streets, right where the winds were blowing through.

“It’s very windy and chilly, and I got ten screws and a plate in my back so you know this wind is chilly for me, ha ha.”

Simone had been walking for several blocks and was shivering in her coat, hood up, scarf wrapped tight.

“It’s so cold outside, I can’t believe how cold it is, I’m like Oh My God is it gonna snow again? Hee hee!”

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Bill had just come into town on the train, and was outside of Market East.

“When we were waiting for the train, it was very windy. yes. Was it blowing you around? It was blowing my coffee around when I set it down, actually.”

Chris was walking with his family near 13th Street.

“It is kind of windy and cold, so, like after 11th street, you feel the wind, the buildings are more higher so that’s how the wind is going now.”

His 8-year-old son Tazor was bundled up but…”The wind is too cold and I don’t like it.”

Many folks are trying to get there last minute shopping done so if you are one of them, be prepared.

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