By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you have ever bought an item in Pennsylvania that had a rebate offer attached and you never received it, it’s not too late to put in your claim.

State treasurer Rob McCord has signed off on a nearly 2-million-dollar settlement agreement with Texas-based Parago Inc. to return rebates over a three-year-period that were never paid or claimed to Pennsylvania’s Unclaimed Property Bureau.

Michael Smith is a spokesman for the treasurer.

“Parago has managed what you would call the ‘back room’ rebate fulfillment processes for a number of major retailers – companies like Staples or Home Depot and General Electric, among others.”

Smith says Verizon and Verizon Wireless also were among the telecommunications companies who handed their rebate operations over to Parago.

He says if you believe you’re entitled to a rebate, you can go to the treasury’s website to search the database.

But Smith says it may take time for your name to appear. He also suggests contacting the Unclaimed Property Bureau at 1-800-222-2046 to register your name.

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