By Chris Stigall

5:41am- Chris responds to the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. He brings up the letter sent out by the principal at his kids school.

News Photo: Newtown residents Claire Swanson Kate Suba Jaden Albrecht…

6:44am- Chris talks about the lack of sympathy for the killer’s mother.

7:11am-Jason Springer and Colin Hanna join the show for the Monday Morning Matchup and they both react to the shooting, its aftermath, the fiscal cliff, and Susan Rice dropping out of the race for Secretary of State.

8:15am- John Lott talks with Chris about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the specifics about the guns that have been used in recent shootings.

8:28am- Chris discusses the appropriate storage of guns.

8::45am-Victor Fiorillo of the Philly Post adds his thoughts on the shooting.

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