By Todd Quinones

LANGHORNE, Pa. (CBS) – One by one, teachers at Herbert Hoover Elementary School in read off the names of the children and staff killed in Newtown, Connecticut.

“It’s just difficult as a teacher to think about what it was like,” teacher Patty Jackson said.

At Monday night’s vigil outside the Langhorne, Bucks County elementary school, tears were shed as parents thought of the families of those who were lost.

Peter and Colleen Engeland brought their daughter Cailey.

“It’s like we lost our own innocence, our children’s innocence. Putting her on the bus this morning I was terrified. I always make sure I say, ‘I love you.’” That’s the last thing because you don’t know what could happen,” Colleen Engeland said.

Over in Delaware County, an unidentified woman turned in a .22 caliber handgun, along with bullets.

Police Superintendent William Colarulo says she owned the gun legally, but decided to have it melted down.

“She handed it over and she said, ‘Based on what happened in Connecticut, I don’t want this gun in my possession anymore. I don’t want it to possibly fall into the wrong hands and I don’t want to be responsible for any type of a tragedy,’” said Colarulo.

In the wake of Friday’s massacre, Colarulo is organizing a meeting on January 8th with school principals and parents to review and update emergency response plans.

Back at Hoover Elementary in Langhorne, a teacher said administrators on Monday made sure everyone knew the proper emergency procedures at the school.

“We have to hold it together and be strong, and make sure our students are safe, and that’s just what we did,” said Hoover Elementary teacher Rachel Rihl.

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