By Robin Rieger

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) – With each stroke of his paintbrush, Cape May artist David Macomber wants to help people in New Jersey shore towns devastated by superstorm Sandy. He is creating a street art type of mural on an eight by 20-foot backdrop of plywood and he hopes this will inspire others to help too.

“I create art so I figured that’s what I could do to kind of create awareness and raise money,” said Macomber.

Even though Wildwood wasn’t hit hard by the storm, Macomber felt Morey’s Piers was a fitting place to create his vision. He painted their shipping containers last summer in a similar style and thought a venue by the beach was the perfect setting for about ten hours of work.

“I want to kind of be in that element and paint and kind of be influenced by that,” Macomber said.

The piece of work is layered with colorful paint and his own pictures.

“There’s photographs of some amusement piers. I think that just represents the Jersey Shore very well. There’s some photos from the hurricane,” he said.

Macomber plans to cut the finished mural into about 30 pieces, frame them and auction them off.

“100 percent of the money will go to Waves for Water which is an organization that’s on the ground up in North Jersey,” Macomber said.

The words “strength in unity” will signify what he says a Bruce Springsteen quote, also included in the mural, says about the Garden State.

“People in New Jersey are strong and when we come together we can do great things,” said Macomber.

By bidding on pieces of his artwork others can be a part of the bigger picture too.

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