By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Senior dogs and cats certainly have plenty to offer and plenty of life to live and share. We can do our part to help them to live a more comfortable life and create a better quality of life for them in their golden years.

Provide a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep such as a large fluffy pillow or a special bed in a favorite location. It not only provides security and much needed warmth, but eases any possible pain on the joints. There are also special orthopedic beds too.

Provide ramps to assist in getting to higher areas. Also rugs or runners greatly decrease any stress or possible injury of slipping on tile or hardwood floors.

Put night lights in bedrooms and hallways to keep your senior pet stable in dim light and to avoid disorientation or confusion.

Feed your dog and cat a natural diet high in vitamins and minerals essential for proper formation of healthy bones.

Maintaining a proper weight is always important, especially in the senior years and it is also important that they not become overweight to alleviate any severe joint pain.

Keep the mind stimulated with a regular and consistent daily schedule, moderate exercise, appropriate to the dog and cat’s age and physical level of capability, and daily bonding and playtime. And take your senior to the vet for periodic check-ups and well exams.

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