By John Ostapkocivh

TREVOSE, Pa. (CBS) – Business gift-giving is alive and well this holiday season, and a Bucks County firm is keeping track.

Gift spending is down slightly from last year, according to a nationwide survey compiled by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ASI, based in Trevose.

President and CEO Tim Andrews says reported gifts to employees average $42 per, down a buck from last year, and to clients and prospects $26, down from $30.

Andrews says items with a company logo on them are good for building firm loyalty but there’s something better.

“If you give someone a gift that’s personalized with their own name. So putting your business logo on it and then ordering something not only with your buisiness logo but also that recipient’s personalized name, that’s something they’re really going to keep because none of us can get rid of anything with our name on it.”

ASI says you don’t have to be tied to the holiday season. A thank you gift in July might have extra impact.

John Ostapkovich