By David Madden

LOGAN TOWNSHIP, NJ (CBS) – For the fifth straight year, a rural Gloucester County church has erected an indoor Christmas display that has a rather urban, nostalgic air about it.

You’ll almost feel like you were back at Lit Brothers (those of you old enough to remember that display) when you step through the doors into the Christmas Carol Village at the Living Hope Worship Center just off 295 in Logan Township.

Pastor Brian Donnachie says is a labor of love organized by many of his congregants.

“Most of our people in our church are very familiar with Philadelphia, grew up in the Philadelphia region. And we had a lot of nostalgic memories about the Center City displays. So we wondered if, in fact, we could create one.”

Donnachie says he gets about 2,000 people a year taking the short stroll down memory lane.

“Sometimes they fill up and get quite emotional. They weep and — kind of interesting — that’s a few. And the older people tell me they feel like children again.”

And while this is being held in a church, the village has a decidedly Victorian flavor to it. The display is open 6 to 9 p.m. during the week, 1 to 9 on weekends through the 22nd. Admission is free, although they are seeking donations — not for the church, but to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.