By Ian Bush

By Technology Editor Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A former top spy fears we are not doing enough to prevent cyber terrorism.
Calling them a digital equivalent to a “9/11 warning,” former NSA head Mike McConnell says recent cyber attacks have exposed our vulnerabilities.

“Power, the banking systems, our energy infrastructure beyond power — oil, natural gas; the interconnectedness of these networks is really a cause of concern,” says Rob D’Ovidio, an associate professor of criminal justice at Drexel University.

Look to the breach at Saudi Aramco where boatloads of data were erased by hackers who gained access through an insider at the oil giant.

“The point that U.S. officials have been making is that the government can’t do it alone,” D’Ovidio says.

So besides IT guarding against external enemies, a key component in this cyber war may be a human resources department that doesn’t forget to check its friends.

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