By Oren Liebermann

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The family of a North Philadelphia woman who was found murdered in May is still praying for answers and hoping for justice in the case.

Melanie Colon vanished seven months ago this weekend. Her body was found five days later on Mother’s Day. Her family says she had been shot six times.

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Colon’s son Josh knows where his mom is on his 5th birthday.

“Mommy is in my heart,” he says.

Josh’s family knows where his mother should be.

“She was supposed to be the one doing this party for him,” said Melanie’s father, Louis Colon.

Melanie Colon was last seen with Reynaldo Torres, who remains missing. Colon’s family has never given up hope that they will find out what happened one day.

“We pass out fliers,” said Cynthia Colon, Melanie’s aunt. “We do everything we got to do just to find out who did this, because it was a very, very, very horrible thing.”

“We all love her and miss her,” said Noellia Mendez, Melanie’s mother-in-law, “We wish that whoever did this can be caught so we can have peace.”

The family has kept up a Facebook page for Melanie, keeping thousands of followers updated.  It is a way of keeping her memory alive and the search for her killer active.

“We just don’t want her case to get cold,” said Melanie’s brother, Ralphiee Colon. “We’re keeping her Facebook page as an awareness page.”

Answers will not bring Melanie back, but her father says they will bring some closure to a family that has been incomplete for half-a-year and counting.

“The only thing I wish and I hope and I pray,” said Louis Colon, “is that I can see my daughter again one day and hold her and hug her and love her.”

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