By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What’s worse than all that junk mail clogging your mailbox during the holidays?

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How about receiving a fart via mail?

While you may have erupted into a fit of giggles like a 12-year-old boy with a love of potty humor, it’s a real thing. And you can send one to that particularly gassy “friend” or family member this holiday season, courtesy of a San Francisco company called, simply, Fart By Mail.

Peddling “farts just like dad used to make,” the California enterprise’s website says it will actually mail a malodorous surprise “hermetically sealed in a very glamorous crystal clear polyethylene envelope” to anyone you desire. Your fart-o-gram, if you will, comes complete with a custom message from “Dr. Stink,” a “heinous odor” and a “hilarious fart sound”—all for just $8.99!

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If you’re anything like me (see third paragraph for clues to my sense of humor), you’re now wondering, “but are they real?” And in the FAQ section of the website, you’ll get that answer: “As much as we would love to actually fart in an envelope, it is not possible,” Fart By Mail admits. “Fart By Mail uses a natural non-toxic fart smelling formula to give each mail order fart an awful fragrance.”


Sadly, the company no longer accepts anonymous orders, so you can forget covertly sending a baker’s dozen of these stinky flatu-letters to that “favorite” ex. But on the plus side, I now know exactly what I’m getting a few very deserving people on my list for Christmas.

To watch Fart By Mail’s hilarious commercial, visit:

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