By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Children in hospitals across the area are getting handmade hats thanks to some senior citizens who made quite a name for themselves.

The Audubon women are the picture of grandmotherly tradition, looping yarn over a loom for hours at a time.

“They figure grandmoms, great grandmoms, this is the kind of things we do,” Barbara Pavlovich said.

But these women also have a sense of humor.

“We like being called the happy hookers,” said Dorothy Golley, also known as Dot. She got Audubon Towers senior living center talking in 2010 when she put up a sign for “hookers.”

One son was a little taken aback, resident Dolores Bacino recalled: “You can’t call my mother a hooker!”

But the humor worked. Residents were eager to learn something new.

“A lot of them were bored. A lot of them had problems with their families,” Golley said.

She gave 11 women a mission: learn to “hook” hats using soft yarn and a loom. Then the finished hats are donated to local hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, and other places helping children.

“It feels good to help somebody,” said Anna Mayer.

Dorothy Rojs has already made 135 hats. “My daughter passed away from cancer and right now I have cancer. It makes me feel very good that I can help these children,” she said.

So far they have donated more than 540 hats. As word spreads of their good deeds, supplies are rolling in. That means more hats for more people.

“It’s nice to be able to help the children and know they are going to have something on their head,” said resident Mary Johnson.

They’re enjoying the notoriety of their name.

“They say to me, ‘Oh, you’re a happy hooker! Do you stand on the corner?'” Barbara Pavlovich said. “I say, ‘Yeah, but nobody ever stops!'” she laughed.

The women live at the Audubon Towers, 600 West Nicholson Rd. in Audubon, NJ. They say they can use supplies. They also mentioned they like Simply Soft Yarn brand from Walmart.

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