By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With holiday shopping including shopping on EBay at its height right now, here are some tips for avoiding ‘second chance’ scams.

A Man in England bid on a motorcycle on eBay but was outbid. He received an email 3 days later advising him the winner had backed out and he had a second chance to win the Motorcycle, if he would wire the money, otherwise the seller would go to the third runner up.

Luckily the buyer had the phone number of the original seller and when he called to verify the claim, he found out he was being scammed in what’s known as a second chance scam.

Second chance scams occur when the bidder who didn’t win the auction is contacted by a thief posing as the seller who says the sale fell through and the item is once again for sale. The losing bidders are so happy they immediately send a check or wire money, which disappears. What to do?

Check the eBay ID of the seller and beware if it’s different than the original. Be extremely careful if the email suggests Western Union which is untraceable once the scammer picks it up.

Finally if the message seems urgent be suspicious.

Don’t fall for this one and don’t let a second chance scam ruin your holiday.

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