By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you find the latest scandal involving powerful men and mysterious women fascinating, how about a getaway recalling a bawdy historical romp?

History will soon forget the Petraeus–Broadwell tryst and its craggy Afghanistan backdrop.  But for an immortal military scandal that rocked an empire, look no further than the pairing of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton.

Mt. Vesuvius was erupting in 1793, the night they met, harborside, at Naples.   Her husband was the British ambassador, and Nelson the greatest British naval hero.

The affair lasted until a Frenchman’s bullet cut the admiral down.

Want to follow Nelson for some great getaways?   See Vesuvius, where the dalliance began.  Then hop to Portsmouth, England, to walk the decks of the HMS Victory, his gallant ship.

Then, to Greenwich, where his bloody uniform is on display.

greenwich cruise  jlloyd Jay Lloyds Getaway:  Retracing The Steps of An Historic Affair

(Hopping a water taxi heading to Greenwich, England, on the Thames. Credit: Jay Lloyd)


And of course Antigua, where Nelson sentenced a seaman to hang for a roaring drunk after the sailor boasted, “Think of me tonight lads, with a woman in my arms and a bottle of rum in my belly.”

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