By Robin Rieger

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TOMS RIVER, N.J. (CBS) – There were handshakes and thanks at the Lowes Home Improvement parking lot in Toms River Wednesday.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie, his wife Mary Pat and congressman Jon Runyan handed out Thanksgiving dinners to local victims of Hurricane Sandy.

“We’re praying for you every day; for those of you who lost your homes and have a long way to come back. But please know that I’m going to be fighting with you every step of the way,” Christie said.

Its part of the governors second season of service. His cabinet members and senior staff are also handing out dinners.

At each of the at 22 Lowes stores in areas affected by the storm 500 Boston Market meals were available.

“It’s kind of tough, cause I live there all year long,” Margaret Joffe said about her gutted Ortley Beach home.

Evelyn Sisco says she lost everything in her rented lagoon home.

“Within ten minutes the water started pouring in. The damage was unfathomable,” Sisco said.

The meals include a turkey or ham, mashed potatoes, gravy corn and a pie, but the most important ingredients may be the care and concern people who are suffering really need.

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“I have two children, single mom. [Its] been a very hard time, so this is very nice,” Sisco said.

The governor says he knows it’s painful for people to be out of their homes.

“I also hope they take a moment to remember that they’re all alive and they’re all together,” he said.

Mrs. Christie says people are responding to the relief fund she started.

“It’s really amazing and gratifying and we are just going to keep our heads down and keep going,” she said.

The governor brushed off a Rutgers Eagleton poll released Wednesday morning that indicates 67 percent of registered voters now view him favorably, a 19 point jump from October.

“I’m the captain of the team, so I’m sure I’ll get too much credit for the good stuff and too much blame for the bad stuff,” said Christie.

“He’s really doing a great job,” said Joffe.

“It’s a team effort,” said Christie.

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