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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This Thanksgiving, more than 100 families will eat a meal delivered with love from “Honey” and her angels.

For Cathy McVey Palmer of Mayfair, Thanksgiving brings back memories of her mother’s lively personality and generosity.

“When we were growing up, before we sat down to dinner, she would make a plate or two of food for someone who needed it on our block, around the corner,” McVey Palmer said.

Helen, or “Honey” as everyone knew her, died of lung cancer in 2006. But thanks to family and friends, those extra plates of dinner never stopped. Every Thanksgiving since Honey’s death, Honey’s Angels collects food for people who can’t afford a Thanksgiving meal.

“We have all the ingredients that 142 families need to eat complete Thanksgiving dinners,” said McVey Palmer.

From canned goods to pies to even a little cookie in the shape of an angel.

A few days before Thanksgiving, an army of volunteers loads up cars to get the food to families all over, from Philadelphia to South Jersey.

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Marie Amilcar, a single mom raising two sons, will be getting a meal.

“Some people maybe go hungry for Thanksgiving, but they’re there,” said Amilcar. “They’re there for people like us, for people like me.”

Marie says it’s about more than the donated food. “I have food, sure, but I have them thinking about us,” Amilcar said. “It’s wonderful what they’re doing.”

As for Cathy McVey Palmer, she’s proud to be keeping Honey’s spirit alive.

“We thought that this was a great tribute to her and the work she did throughout her life,” she said.

Honey’s Angels don’t stop at Thanksgiving. They also raise money for Christmas gift cards.

To connect with them through Facebook, visit:

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Ukee Washington