By Susan Barnett

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An update on a story 3 On Your Side has been telling you about for more than a year. We’ve received multiple complaints against a Pennsylvania wedding videographer. Now, the state attorney general is taking him to court.

Kenneth Stillman of Levittown has videotaped many weddings in his day, but multiple customers told 3 On Your Side he failed to deliver those videos.

“We would all love to see my grandparents together again,” one woman, Stacey Boytim, told us last year.

The couples each paid at least $1,500 for wedding videos they say still weren’t delivered more than 6 months later — until 3 On Your Side got involved.

Stillman told CBS 3’s Natasha Brown last November, “I lost editing time due to family tragedies. Getting this in a year and having it look good so it’s something they can watch 50 years from now is more important than getting it in six months and having it look like crap.”

He gave us some of the videos, but others never arrived. Complaints kept coming, so we talked to him again in May (see previous story).

“I got behind schedule,” Stillman said. “You know, I’m not a dishonest person.”

Now, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has filed suit, accusing Stillman of willfully breaking consumer protection law for at least 18 clients.

They say he failed to deliver videos from weddings as long ago as 2009 and gave customers “misleading, confusing or false information, explanations and excuses.” The attorney general is asking a judge to order Stillman to make full restitution and pay $1000 per violation.

Stillman emailed 3 On Your Side and said he never misled his clients. He wrote, “A series of unfortunate circumstances caused me to get behind schedule. All clients who are waiting on their videos should remain patient…as I am committed to completing each and every one.”

The attorney general says clients of Stillman who believe they are eligible for restitution can contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-800-441-2555 to file a complaint. Consumers with access to the Internet may file a complaint electronically at