By Special Contributor Larry Kane

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – The political world has been turned upside down in Washington and elsewhere and the election is over.

It’s amazing how in less than two weeks events can change the direction of a nation and an administration.

A fierce missile and air fight is underway with Israel on the offensive after the Hamas terrorist government in Gaza rained missiles down in Southern Israel.

The decorated general Petraeus leaves office in a sex scandal and another general is under investigation.

Mitt Romney blamed gifts in government aid by President Obama to minority groups including Latinos for his defeat causing a pushback against him by fellow Republicans.

The Democrats and Republicans are actually talking about taxes and budget compromise, as millions of fellow Americans wonder about the economy.

Hurricane Sandy was such a major event that we are still thinking about and helping the struggling.

All this proves positive that for all of us the path of the news that affects us is always full of surprises.

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