PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An unusual theft in North Philadelphia – someone stole a pet parrot named Josie off a front porch. Friday night, the owner, Cheron Ross, made a tearful plea for answers.

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“I just need to know maybe someone’s taking care of her. People love their animals. They become a part of your family and for somebody to take that away from you, it’s just hard,” Ross said.

Ross says her pet parrot disappeared without a trace and she’s now praying for her safe return.

The parrot’s name is Josie, she’s about a foot tall and she’s 26-years-old. Josie joined the Ross family when Cheron’s sister was advised to find Josie a new home. Turns out, Josie was having a difficult time getting along with her four siblings.

Ross explained, “They took her to the vet and they said she was stressed out. She started picking her feathers so her chest was white when she came here. Within a month, her feather grew back.”

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Due to a muscle disorder, however, Josie cannot fly. Reason why the family is convinced someone took her.

Ross remembers it was a nice day out so the family was out on the porch with Josie and left her on the railing when they stepped away to run a quick errand. When they returned about an hour later, Josie was gone. That was on October 21st and Josie hasn’t been seen since.

Ross added, “We leave her outside on occasion. Everybody knows her. The neighborhood kids love her. She couldn’t have flown away. That’s impossible. That’s why she walks like bow-legged like a duck because of her condition.”

Ross has searched online and checked with area shelters to no avail.

“If somebody has her, I want them to bring her back to me. No questions asked,” Ross said.

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Josie is valued at around $2,500 but for Cheron, she is family and Cheron remains hopeful someone with a conscience will do the right thing.