By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Yes, it is time to plant bulbs! Frankly, you can plant bulbs well into winter, but once the ground gets cold, it’s much harder to dig – or even to want to.

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Digging one larger patch to plant lots of bulbs in one place creates a bigger impact – and it’s much easier than digging hundreds of little holes. Plus you can plant bulbs in layers that way – based on size and bloom time – for an ongoing display all spring.

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Put the largest bulbs at the bottom, such as tulips that bloom in May at about a six-inch depth; then little daffodils that bloom in April in the middle; then finish it off with snowdrops and crocuses that will bloom in February and March. With soil between each layer and on top, water it in well, then add a blanket of mulch or pine boughs to tuck the bulbs in for the winter.

You can also force bulbs to bloom indoors by potting them up, giving them a couple of months of cold in an unheated basement, garage, or an extra refrigerator, then bringing them back into your warm home to create an early spring on a sunny windowsill.

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