By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

HADDONFIELD, NJ (CBS) – Store owners in small main street communities are expecting an especially fruitful holiday shopping season.

With Thanksgiving falling so early in the month, this year there are five more shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas compared to last year.

(Man): “Well, our store does a lot of sales and a lot of business through the holiday season so it’s always good to have that extra time to show what we have and to be available for people to purchase.”

(Woman): “Hopefully, it’ll be a better business season having more days closer to the holiday.”

And this year, there are five full weekends between the two holidays.

(Woman): “For sure, we definitely see an increase in business between Friday and Sunday.  In fact, Sunday’s probably one of our highest volume days even though we’re only open from noon to four.”

Merchants tell me those extra five days are expected to largely influence their bottom lines.

(Man): “It’s a big impact and as long as the weather holds out, it doesn’t rain or a blizzard we should be fine.”
Kuznits: “Or a hurricane!”
“Yeah, right!”