By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Committee of 70 wants Philadelphians who resorted to using ‘provisional’ ballots in the presidential election to raise their concerns and e-mail the election watchdog group.

Volunteers with 70 were reporting election day that many people were frustrated because their names were not appearing in the registration books.

The non-partisan group claimed it was happening to first time voters as well as folks who’ve been going to the same polling places for years – they registered to vote, received voter registration cards, went to vote – only to learn their names were not in the polls books.

“Especially during the presidential election, people want to vote on the voting machines. They want their vote to count on November 6th. They do not want it to count down the road,” says Ellen Kaplan, 70’s policy director.

But city commissioners say those perceived issues were overstated, and the problem was not widespread.

70 is asking anyone who voted provisionally because their name wasn’t in the poll books to e-mail them at

The group will pass along the information to the City Commissioners.