By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We all know not to lie on a resume, but what are the real live mistakes people make on a resume that may cost them a job?

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The head of the NY Port Authority was dismissed last month, after being accused of putting fake degrees on his resume.

Obviously, do not lie on a resume. If you give yourself fake degrees or fake former jobs you are asking for trouble since it’s way too easy for companies to check. But there are also some less obvious mistakes to avoid:

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First, don’t put down too much information. Your Social Security Number does NOT belong on a resume.

Don’t put on too much personal detail – a resume is for the purpose of getting you a job, not a spouse.

Don’t talk about your religion, political affiliation (unless it’s related to the job for which you’re applying), medical condition, or age. An employer is not allowed by law to judge you on any of those, and it seems like a trap to an employer who thinks: great, now if I turn him down he’ll think it’s because I’m discriminating.

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And leave off weird hobbies or hobbies that clearly take too much time – ‘Avid mountain climber with a personal goal to hike the world’s biggest mountains in the next five years’ for example. Even without lying, if you put too much irrelevant information on your resume, you’re more likely to have the time to pursue your weird hobbies because you won’t have time constraints of getting that job anyway.