GEORGETOWN, Del. (CBS) – Vice President Joe Biden returned to his home state of Delaware Thursday, just two days after he and President Barack Obama were re-elected.

The Vice President was in town to celebrate Sussex County’s 200th Annual “Return Day,” a tradition involving a parade and burial of a hatchet that signals the end of the elections.

Eyewitness News spoke exclusively to Vice President Biden and asked him if Washington, DC can learn anything from Delaware.

“They can,” Biden said emphatically. “Look at these returns. Now, I’ve told everyone in Washington about this incredible tradition, where winners and losers bury the hatchet, ride together around the circle and get to work. That’s exactly what we have to do in Washington.”

And as for the looming fiscal cliff that has many concerned, the VP assured Eyewitness News that “We’re not going over the cliff.”

“We’re determined not to go over the cliff,” Biden said again. “I think better heads will prevail.”