By Oren Liebermann

MEDFORD, N.J. (CBS) – The frozen yogurt store in Medford made it through the storms without any damage, but the celebrations started a bit too early.

“It felt like bad luck,” said Daddy-O’s Frozen Yogurt owner Rob Cotton.

Cotton said it looked like someone broke in when he got to the store Sunday morning.

“The police told us it was quite a mess when they called us, so we were anticipating the store was trashed.”

But the culprit was not a person. A deer smashed through the window and trashed the two-year-old store.

“The window was smashed in with a lot of glass left, so it looked like a mess. The tables were all over the floor. There was glass everywhere,” described Cotton.


No one was in the store when it happened, and the deer wandered out the window after a minute. But a second surveillance camera shows the damage could have been worse. A second deer ran into another window, but the window held. A third deer stopped just in time. Cotton said the deer did about $3,000 in damage.

Moments later, a man walked over to look at the store, only to run away when he realized the deer was still inside. Cotton said the store will be open while he gets everything fixed up. He’s just glad no person – or animal – was injured.

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