By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s election watchdog group says voting in the city is being hampered by a registration issues, a claim disputed by the city officials who run the polling places.

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The Committee of 70 says they have received reports of a “significant” number of first-time voters whose names do not appear in the registration rolls. And they fear that polling places may run out of the paper ballots that those voters are being told to use.

But the City Commissioners who oversee the election in Philadelphia say the extent of that problem is being overstated by the watchdog group. And they say any polling division that is running out of paper ballots can call their office to request more.

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Members of the GOP in Philadelphia faced a couple of hurdles. Tuesday morning brought a dispute over who should be seated as minority inspector for the Republican Party in dozens of divisions. In some instances, court orders had to be issued to resolve the disputes, and sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to make sure those orders are enforced.

The local Republicans also went to court to have a judge order a mural of President Obama covered up at the Ben Franklin Elementary School in the Northeast. Officials with the City Commissioners say the mural has since been covered.

Finally, the Committee of 70 says they’ve received anecdotal reports of lingering confusion over Voter ID. That controversial Pennsylvania law is on hold, so while poll workers are required to ask for photo ID, none is required. First time voters must present ID, but it does not need to have a photo.

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