By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A report from First Focus and Save the Children gives the United States letter grades in five domains for child welfare.

With the number of children living in poverty, experiencing food and housing insecurity, a D for economic security.

With low availability, enrollment in early learning programs and parental access to childcare, we received a C- for early childhood.

For our math, reading, science skill levels, school resources and educational attainment and the number of at-risk youth, we rated a C- for K-12 education.

For permanency and stability, a D based on children impacted by juvenile justice, immigration and child welfare systems.

We earned C+ for health and safety when health insurance coverage, access to health care, preventive services, public health and safety and environmental health were considered.

Overall we have a C- in child well-being and Americans are urged to support officials who invest in children and to join local leaders to improve the futures of our children.


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