By Mark Abrams

By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – PennDOT managers from the Philadelphia region were planning to hold a conference call later this morning, originating from the agency’s Harrisburg headquarters, to discuss preparations for Hurricane Sandy and the latest on the path of the storm.

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PennDOT’s Philadelphia maintenance manager Nick Martino said the information exchange is important.

“Making sure that everybody is prepped and ready with our equipment. We’ll have that capability to access if we need any type of emergency equipment or we need more personnel to help in the different regions. And, we’re just sharing our resources throughout PennDOT.”

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Martino said there were some lessons learned from last year’s freak Halloween snowstorm.

“Here we are again, the second year running and we’re talking about something in October which is not usually the norm here in our region. And, what we try to learn is making sure that we have everything that we need — all our resources — in place, prior to the storm.”

Martino said road crews are out on the highways today clearing drainage inlets of leaves, tree limbs and debris so they will be ready in the event of flooding downpours.

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