By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The region’s largest hunger relief organization says they are in dire need of food and they are asking for the public’s help.

Marlo DelSordo, Philabundance spokeswoman, tells KYW Newsradio that they have been very busy over the past year.

“Depending on the month, we have distributed 100,000-200,000 more pounds of food because of the increased demand,” she said.

They were on track with donations coming in until the July-September time period which saw a sharp decrease in dry food donations.

“Right now we’re about 300,000 pounds short on food that we need to get out to the community,” DelSordo said.

To find out how you can donate, please visit this link.

She cites a “perfect storm” of circumstances leading to this critical shortage, which is not unique to Philabundance. Other local food banks and hunger relief organizations are facing similar problems throughout the country according to DelSordo.

“Certainly the increase in food prices, the droughts and increase in fuel prices. All of these things are factors that help food donations go down.”

The organization has already felt the impact. One of their agencies had to close last week for the first time in two decades because there was not enough food to even open its doors. Their big concern is for the short-term, the next four-to-eight weeks, so they are asking the public for monetary donations at

“Donations that are made will go right into us purchasing food and getting it out to the community as quickly as possible,” DelSordo said.

She said the money that is collected will help them until holiday food drives stabilize their inventory.

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