By Jericka Duncan

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. (CBS) – Recycling these days is more than just newspapers and plastic bottles. A Bucks County company is sending a record number of used shoes around the world.

“The market is global, the demand is global, the need for affordable footwear is everywhere,” said Ira Baseman.

Baseman started a company called Community Recycling 12 years ago. The focus with Community Recycling was to sell used and recycled clothing, along with other materials, to communities in need of affordable goods.

In 2012, Community Recycling developed ShoeBox Recycling. Shoebox will pay fundraising organizations $20 per box of shoes they collect. Individuals can get their shipping costs covered by ShoeBox if they recycle their shoes.

ShoeBox partners with markets around the world and it sells those recycled shoes to areas in need. Since April, ShoeBox Recycling has collected more than 250,000 pounds of shoes.

Marketing Director Lisa Pomerantz says they encourage people to leave a note in their shoe so the giver can keep in touch with the receiver, like she did.

“There’s a little five-year-old girl named Agika in Sierra Leone,” said Pomerantz. “She received my daughter’s gold, sparkly, twirly shoes.” Pomerantz say she received an email from the little girl, thanking her for the shoes.

If you are interested in learning more about ShoeBox, visit their website,