By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Herbs blooming in the autumn twilight are a pretty sight that remind you it’s soon time to gather seeds for spring. But, there’s also been a fresh fall flush of tender tasty leaves which I harvest and freeze. Blending herbs first makes them even handier to use, such as savory basil and parsley blended then frozen as ice cubes that you can slip into sauces, as well as sweet minty mixes for drinks and desserts.

I blitz mint in the blender with a can of lemonade or limeade, strain the mix and freeze it in a plastic container or ice cube trays. Then, whenever you want a mojito, just mix with seltzer and booze if you choose. You can also blend mint into simple syrup or agave syrup – strain that mixture and freeze into cubes to put in your tea, coffee, cocoa or cocktails, to sweeten drinks with a minty zip.

Besides adding a lot of flavor, mint can be very soothing, helping to relieve tummy aches, and in warm drinks, can even help clear a stuffy nose. So quick, go pick the last of your mint.