By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In campaign 2012, it’s all about the United States senate and the war over pollsters.

With one national poll showing Romney up by five, most others are a dead heat or the President moving ahead.

It’s confusing but nothing is as confusing as the pollster war in Pennsylvania. The Tom Smith senate campaign released the Susquehanna Poll showing Smith leading Bob Casey 48 to 46. The Casey campaign released a Garin Hart Yang Poll showing Casey ahead 52 to 39.

Here’s the problem, both polls were requested by the campaigns; Susquehanna by Smith and Hart Casey.

One pollster, Smith’s, does a lot of Republican work. The other is a private pollster for Democrats.

Who has it right? A national survey of surveys, an average, has Casey up by over five. One thing is certain, this race is closer than anyone expected