By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS) – Opponents of the state’s new Voter ID law have gone back to court, concerned that state officials are not doing enough to inform the public that photo ID’s are not a requirement to vote in next month’s election.

A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of State said there would be no immediate comment on the petition.

ACLU of Pennsylvania Legal Director Vic Walczak says the TV ads the state is airing about voter ID are too subtle for many people to grasp that photo ID’s are no longer required in this upcoming election.

“We have not asked the court to suspend the current advertising. What we’ve said is that those ads – the “Show It” campaign which at the very end has a tag line saying you’ll be asked but not required to show it – are simply inadequate,” says Walczak.

He says the legal team challenging the law has asked Commonwealth Court to require the state take steps, including issuing a press release and holding a press conference, to make clear that Voter ID’s are not required in November.

The lawyers also want the state to send out letters to people who he says have received incorrect mailings from the state telling them otherwise.