By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When Andy Reid fired Juan Castillo on Tuesday, it was the first time he’s ever fired a coordinator during the season since becoming head coach of the Eagles. If that change doesn’t result in more wins for the Eagles, Reid could be looking for a new job after this season.

“If indeed the Eagles decide to make a change, and they need to think hard and long about not having Andy Reid come back because he’s as good a coach that’s ever been out there, you do so, only, because we need a change,” Brian Billick told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Thursday. Billick is an analyst for the NFL on Fox, and won the Super Bowl as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

Billick said if the Eagles decide to make a change, they shouldn’t look in his direction. “Yea, you never say never, but I’m done. I can’t imagine them [the Eagles] coming to one of us. I can’t speak for Bill [Cowher], I can’t speak for John [Gruden], but with the situation I’m in right now, it’s not what the league is looking for,” he said.

So if Reid is such a great coach, why would they even consider a change?

“[If the Eagles decide they] need a change in impotence, [they] need a change in energy, [they] need a change in the style in the way [they] are doing things,” Billick said. “Bringing in veteran coaches, in this instance, for the a Philadelphia Eagle team, well if you’re going to think about that, why would you let Andy Reid go? If you decide to go in another direction, then you’re likely to go in another direction, and the mode in today’s NFL is to put a GM—it’s a GM’s league! So you have to begin with that and decide what you what to do from there.”

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