By Robin Rieger

EASTAMPTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – “Just him saying I was going to come up missing, that really, that really set chills,” said 19-year-old Rachel Kratzer of Eastampton Township.

She says threats posted on her Facebook page left her terrified for the month of August.

“It was so scary to have to think like that and think someone would actually want me dead,” said Kratzer.

One morning at work she says she checked her Facebook messages. A new one with foul language from a Facebook post by a Jimmy Raketerra, who appeared to have one of her old friends in common, caught her attention.

“It said, ‘Few weeks left (expletive). Spend it wisely,’” she said.

And I responded, ‘Who are you, is that a threat?’”

And he said, ‘A promise, ha, watch where your (expletive) ends up in a few weeks,’” she said.

Kratzer says messages that followed from a Joey Genovese Facebook post were just as frightening.

“Saying you have a few weeks left, you’re gonna get snatched,” Kratzer said.

“Right away we picked up the phone and called police, I took it seriously.”

Eastampton patrolman Kevin ballinger says when detectives looked into the threats from Kratzer and one other Eastampton resident they learned of a New Jersey state police investigation of five victims with similar claims. Craig Wyatt Jr.,20, of Hamilton Township, Atlantic County is now charged with harassment, theft of services and making terroristic threats.

“The subject was using assumed names, he had multiple email addresses, multiple telephone numbers, as a way to harass people and remain anonymous,” said Ballinger.

State police say 21 New Jersey police departments located additional victims who said they were threatened by the same person. Kratzer is now doing what police advise, using privacy settings, limiting personal information and,

“I do not accept friend requests from people I don’t know,” she said.

Eastampton police say Craig Wyatt Jr. is in Burlington county jail. His bail is set at $15,000. He could face more charges.

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