By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – State support for colleges traditionally has been tied to enrollment. However, colleges in Tennessee, based on a 2010 law, will now lose money if students don’t complete the courses in which they’re enrolled. State dollars are outcome-based.

Despite assurances against grade inflation and lowering standards, some faculty is feeling pressure to get students through their courses, but colleges have found ways to help.

At Austin Peay State University remedial courses were eliminated and struggling students receive more support in credit bearing courses. Those in pre-calculus classes are required to review in a computer lab prior to taking the course or receive tutoring.

At the University of Tennessee, instructors keep track of attendance and follow-up on students’ absentees. Kenneth Ragland, who teaches biology at Nashville State talks about the transient students as one of the problems with the new formula.

Read more about the ramifications of state funding in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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