5:56 Bill Clinton mocked Mitt Romney for moderating his positions during last week’s debate.


clinton and romney Stigall Show Log 10.11.12

Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)


6:10 President Obama said in an interview that Mitt Romney needs to hide who he really is to get elected

6:14 According to a new survey, Vice-President Joe Biden is viewed more unfavorably than Paul Ryan.

6:17 Democrats are getting anxious that President Obama could lose the election.

6:26 Black Madam will face charges in the death of a woman she injected with silicone in buttocks.

6:45 President Obama was a guest at the wedding of tonight’s vice-presidential debate moderator.

6:20 Democrats are cancelling ad buys in local races as they are now out of reach.

7:10 Chris talks to Congressman Pat Meehan to discuss the latest details of the Libyan consulate attack and the congressional hearings that began yesterday.

7:40 Chris talks to Dennis Miller about tonight’s debate, his take on the campaign for president so far, and his upcoming show at the Keswick Theatre.

dennis miller Stigall Show Log 10.11.12

Dennis Miller (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

8:10 Immediately after the first debate, President Obama believed he had won against Mitt Romney.

8:40 Chris talks to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to preview tonight’s vice-presidential debate.

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