By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Don’t you hate those solicitations raising money for the various police organizations – it’s the nagging feeling that you better not have a busted tail light if you don’t contribute.

An investigation into the telemarketers raising money for the Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police found that of the 1.9 million raised, 1.6 million went to fundraising expenses.

Only 15 cents of every dollar actually went to the families of fallen officer. When The Federal Trade Commission conducted its own investigation, it found many telemarketers who prayed on the goodwill of consumers by posing as police or firefighters.

Before giving any money ask the telemarketer: are you a police officer? Who is your employer? Look up the name of the telemarketing company. Request that all solicitation materials be sent in the mail, and ask what percent of your donation will go to the charity.

You may find that when you start asking those questions, it’s the telemarketer who decides to use his right to remain silent.