BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS) — Jerry Sandusky read a statement during his sentencing on Tuesday. The following is what Sandusky had to say:

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak today. I feel the need to talk, not from arrogance, from my heart … I’m filled with emotion, filled with determination. I didn’t do these alleged disgusting acts. I speak today with hope in my heart for a brighter day, not knowing when that day will come … This was the worst loss of my life. Please don’t close the book today, at sentencing. There’s a lot left to learn … As I began to relive everything, I remembered my feelings … Many moments have been spent looking for a purpose, maybe it will help others. Some vulnerable children who might be abused might not be as a result of all the publicity. I’m not sure … I would cherish the opportunity to be a candle for others as they have been a huge light for me … Somehow, someway something good will come out of this. The pain continues when I think about those who made the allegations. These are people I cared about, still do … Life has become more difficult for us. For the most part, I’ve been confined to a small room. I meditate, read, write, eat, exercise all in that same room … There’s a young man, a Second Mile participant who’s there with me … [celebrated his 46th wedding anniversary in prison] I told Dottie that day we’re definitely in the fourth quarter. When I was coaching, you definitely find out who’s with you in the fourth quarter … She and others are standing strong. I like to believe that they know me the most. I like to believe that they know me not for how I’ve been betrayed by so many … Those who still believe in us are the ones who matter … I think about not being there … not being there to see our grandchildren mature, not being there to see my dog … When I look at those walls again, I see the light … I see me throwing thousands of kids up in the air, hundreds of water balloon battles, happy times … And my heart warms. It gets warmer when I read special cards and letters and I’m going to read one … ‘All of this impacted me. There isn’t a day I don’t think of you and your family … I remember staying at your home and how good it was … There are no words I could ever say to tell you thank you but I thank you so much for all that you’ve ever done … please be strong and don’t give up.’ … Others can take my life, they can make me a monster, they can treat me as a monster but they can’t take away my heart. In my heart I know I did not do these disgusting acts. My wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage … This experience helps you realize how temporary life is and we are just briefly passing through… [talked about random stuff] Seabiscuit, a favorite of mine because I love people who won’t quit … Today is a difficult day. I’m being labeled and sentenced. In preparation, I’ve read many books especially about people who endure in their strength, harshness and prosecution … They were about the worst of life, the best of life … Life goes on, no matter where that may be. I’ve been blessed. I’ve been to the mountain top. I’ve seen the valley of the shadow of death. I’ve been in the locker room, hugging crying as national champs. I’ve been in the locker room after a devastating loss … I’ve been loved, I’ve been hated … I’ve lived long enough to cherish many memories … We’re going to smile, as I’ve always smiled through the pain. And we’re going to laugh, and we’re going to cry because that’s who we are. To my loved ones I want to say the most difficult part of this is the pain of separation. Some of the labeling and the treatment hurts but they don’t compare to their absence. It would be unbearable without some contact, without the love and pride I share with you [breaks down] … It would be unmanageable without God’s light. Without God’s hope and love”