By Jenn Bernstein

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The search for a missing 8-year-old ended in the best possible way on Tuesday afternoon, with the young boy found safe and sound.

“I’m very relieved to have found my son, and that he was in good hands,” said Sahjir Bullock’s mother, Marsheila Price.

Price was reunited with her son inside East Detectives, and she spoke with reporters as they walked out together.

“To get that phone call, it was amazing,” said Price.

“I’m glad to be home with my family!” said Bullock, who added that he didn’t know his mother was worried and looking for him.

The boy sent his family into a panic when he didn’t come home from football practice on Monday night.

Around 5:30 p.m., He took the Septa El train by himself to the Margaret Orthodox Stop, near where the Pop Warner team called the Frankford Chargers practice. He was supposed to meet his 15-year-old brother after practice around 8 p.m., but his brother said he never showed up.

All night and this morning, the family and police searched for him. Luckily, more than 15 hours later, he was located with one of his football buddies. The friend’s mother, Erica Gardner, brought him safely back to the station.

“He’s a kid that plays with my kid. At the time, he was out too late, and I just took him home with me,” said Gardner. “He’s fine, his mom is a good friend of me. But I just wanted to take that burden off her chest.”

There was no phone call to the worried family, but Price said it’s between the boys.

“They had a misunderstanding,” said Price, “the two brothers.”