By Ben Simmoneau

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS) — Jerry Sandusky’s attorney says the convicted sex offender will speak out at his sentencing hearing, scheduled for Tuesday in Bellefonte, Pa. On his way to a closed-door meeting with the judge on Monday afternoon, Joe Amendola confirmed that Sandusky will read a statement before the court.

“I think he wants to let everybody know that he maintains his innocence and is going to fight for a new trial,” Amendola said. “His morale has been amazingly upbeat. He’s been working on his appeal. I think he’s very confident that he’s going to get another shot at this.”

Amendola said he considers Tuesday’s sentencing of Sandusky on 45 criminal counts routine. He expects Sandusky, who will turn 69 in January, to essentially be handed a life sentence.

“Even a sentence in the low end of all the ranges, that’s going to be 20 years, a life sentence,” Amendola told reporters. “We’re anticipating that’s going to happen.”

Instead, Amendola said the defense is focused on getting Sandusky a new trial on appeal: “If Jerry doesn’t get a new trial, he’s never going to get out of jail.”

Prosecutors did not say much as they left Monday’s conference. Lead counsel Joe McGettigan did indicate he will not ask for a specific sentence and will let the judge use his discretion.

Some of the jurors who convicted Sandusky, however, are weighing in.

“I think we really expect he’s going to get life. It’s hard to believe there could be anything else,” said Ann Van Kuren, who was juror number 11. She plans to attend Tuesday’s sentencing.

“I think it’s important for a sense of completion, and for us to see that the victims are having their completion,” she said.

Sources say two or three of the victims will likely take the stand on Tuesday to speak their minds as Sandusky is sentenced. Among them will be Victim Five, who is represented by Philadelphia attorney Tom Kline.

“My client believed it was important that he come to the court and look Mr. Sandusky in the eye,” Kline said, “So the court and Mr. Sandusky can understand what harm has been done to him – a lifetime of harm. He wants that heard.”

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